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We Provide a wide range of services including: maintenance, fabrication, custom engine building, transportation, trackside service, and hospitality.



  • Racecar Fabrication
    • For over 25 years we have specialized in the custom fabrication of racecars.
      We have fabricated cars for major sponsors like Exxon and worked on privately
      sponsored vehicles as well. We are able to take any Porsche or BMW streetcar and
      transform it into a well-bred racing machine. We will modify cars for all racing
      classes, from vintage to professional.


  • Trackside Support
    • One of the services we also provide is Trackside support. Clients are able to utilize  901 Shop as a pit-crew service at racing events.


  • Porsche and BMW Engine Building
    • 901 Shop is capable of constructing custom-built engines for BMW's and Porsches.
      All of our engines are hand-built and dynometer tested for accurate ratings.


  • Porsche and BMW Racecar Maintenance
    • Clients of 901 Shop can also count on well-executed maintenance of vehicles.
      Our crew specializes in Porsche and BMW maintenance procedures. We specialize  in custom-made racing parts and genuine Porsche or BMW parts as well.


  • Racecar Restoration
    • 901 Shop also specializes in custom racecar restoration. We are able to restore any Porsche or BMW racecar back into race condition for any class.



  • Car Transportation Services
    • Clients may also opt for provided transportation services for their vehicles. 901
      Shop is able to utilize our privately owned semi-truck trailer and a majority of
      tow-behind trailers for the transportation of cars.



  • Event Hospitality Services
    • As a compliment to events, 901 Shop is capable of providing hospitality services  to clients, crew, and guests . Food, drinks, and hardware (plates, napkins, etc.) are provided  as necessary during events.